Recent storms, blackouts and floods in South Australia made us think about RV Insurance …
Have you read your policy?
Do you know what is covered and for what?
Are you prepared?
In this podcast, we talk to an insurance company and have our own views on what you should do.


Aussies generally have a she’ll be right attitude, and I reckon most people don’t read the fine print of their insurance policies … until a disaster happens … I hope I’m wrong.
Are you covered for everything you think you are, have you included flood, what about the roads you travel, bitumen or dirt … does this make a difference to cover?
Maybe you’ve decided to live in your van full time … does your insurance company know?
Can you get a flexible seasonal cover for when you generally don’t use your van?
You make a huge investment in your caravan and then quibble on insurance.
Don’t assume, talk to an insurance company or broker, get answers and peace of mind.

Thanks to Club 4X4 for their help and advise in this podcast.