At this year’s Let’s Go Caravan & Camping Lifestyle Show in South Australia, Chris and I had lot’s of fun presenting a series of workshops. They were very well received and a great success, thanks to all that participated and attended.

In this podcast we are joined by show exhibitor and General Manager of Club 4X4, Kalen Ziflian.
Natural disasters?
Are you covered properly?
Do you understand your policy?
Are you restricted in the areas that you can go, the surfaces you can travel on and the length away from home (permanent travel)?
So many topics and issues, remember that it’s your responsibility to read the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) and ensure the product suits your needs. 

This van is a 2001 Coromal Seka XC Pioneer Off Road with combined shower and toilet.
It was just over 15 years old, so wouldn’t be registered on a write off registry.
Damage to exterior cladding, vents, roof dome, couple of lights, panel on toilet canister door and awning.
Our van was insured with RAA in South Australia, I must say their service was pretty good, considering the amount of claims that they were coping with. However, after deciding to write it off, they paid out quickly but unfortunately would not reinsure the van, we were able to buy it back at salvage value.
So … after contacting a couple of places for quotes (prior to buying the van back) and comparing over the phone service and contracts, we are now with Club4X4, and couldn’t be happier. At the time of writing this the van has been reclad and repaired.
A bit more work to be done (picnic table and decals etc) and it will look better than new.

Club4X4 has not paid for inclusion in this blog or podcast.
We’d like to thank Kalen Ziflian for contributing.
Please contact them for details on how you can be covered.    or   1800 258 249