Australia On Track was created not only to help 4WDers, campers and caravanners get on track, but to reinforce the importance of backing Australia Made. My wife is a bit worried at the moment … she’s calling it ‘man love’ but us blokes do have a passion, and when you listen to this interview, hopefully you’ll have a better understand of Chris Blakemore, his work ethic and his passion for Aussie made.

Before you listen, here’s a bit about Chris.

Chris started his working career in the Royal Australian Air Force where he spent most of this time in a white coat laboratory environment working on precision electronics equipment for supersonic flight aircraft. He was also involved in the initiation of critical strain and stress measurement implementation systems on the aircraft. His time in this strict, high standards operating environment where there is simply no room for error, set the course for his own operating and performance standards in his future business product development involvement.
After some decades in the 4WD touring scene, in 2005 he officially kicked off the FNB 4WD Supplies business. But it wasn’t long before he found his background in high standards of quality electrical systems, and his passion for performance soon had him tinkering with a number of projects that led to the development of the BOSS brand of high quality 4WD products.