Don’t worry this will get to ‘Gadgets’ soon.
As a grumpy, not so old man (only occasionally of-course), I was about to write and record something about this ridiculous craze going around … Pokemon Go … then I changed my mind. This craze is taking the world by storm and I was about to raise a campaign about keeping our holiday areas, particularly the outback areas, Pokemon free.
Until a few days ago, when my wife & I snuck out of the office to grab a coffee at one of our favourite beachside locations, Semaphore in South Australia.
We parked the car and headed off for a walk prior to our coffee fix, all of a sudden, every person we walked past was on a gadget … their mobile phones. Naturally I shook my head and commented (the grumpy bit), before I realised these normally home bound, tech savvy folks of all ages were on the hunt , plus the amazing thing, they were taking in some Vitamin D, enjoying the great outdoors and actually walking.
As long as they keep walking, look where they’re going, don’t get in any ones way, find these critters and then do what ever it is you do after that and get fit while they’re doing it … I’m a happy chappie.

OK let’s move on …

Chris, the Gadget guy for 4WDs and I sit down to discuss some gadgets, bits and pieces, that could be useful on your travels … or not 🙂  We talk multi-media units, satellite navigation, tyre monitors, compressors and yes … mobile phone apps.
So, if your not out searching for pokothingos, hit the play button for this short and slightly humorous podcast on our Gadgets. Enjoy!

I have to admit I love our computers, iPhone 6S plus and all the goodies I have added (to my wife’s disgust), these are gadgets that I use for both work and pleasure so I have to be on top of what they do and how they operate.

The amount of Apps (tech talk for Applications) that are available, photo capture and colour grading, maps, compasses, social media, music, PODCASTS, sound recording, fuel monitors, footy results, news and weather … just to name a few. Love em!