I posted this on another blog site a while ago, but as a good mate and equally good mate-ette (think I just made up a word) are planning their great escape, I thought I’d drag it out again.  I referred to them as our caravan term of endearment and got a strange look … heads up this contains a swear word (to some).

Was it ‘Living The Dream’, ‘Jealous’, ‘Good Onya’ or ‘Courage’?
Nah I reckon ‘Bastards’ will do.

I apologise to those that consider it a swear word, I don’t mean to offend and a lot of our friends are some of the nicest Bastards (B) in the world. You see, I have come to think of it as sort of Aussie term of endearment used when I see anyone travelling in a caravan, camper or motorhome.

Because, I want to be doing what they are doing (as long as it’s not going home).

Pat, my wife and I often say the (B) word in unison as we see an approaching RV.
Many people are travelling for pure enjoyment, but there are so many taking off with the hope of gaining work to fund their adventure. Young families, solo travellers, couples, grey and not so grey nomads, just taking off.

We’ve chatted to a variety of people about this very subject.

A young family we met at a camping spot in South Australia. Mum, dad and two children probably between eight and twelve years old. We observed them playing, kicking a ball around, laughing, reading and generally enjoying life … together. We found out they were a couple of years in and on the last bit of the big lap, they had sold everything, bought a good 4WD and a crossover style van. The kids were home schooled, extremely polite, and grounded, a credit to their parents. What would they do when they reached home (wherever that is), they were so chilled they said they’d simply cross that bridge when they get to it. (B) and a big thumbs up.

What about our good mates John and Liz, successful in business, they rented their house and took off for six months to become camp hosts on a station (Bullara) just out of Exmouth in WA. (B)! They worked five days a week and then go exploring or camping near Coral Bay. They loved the place and they met some amazing people that are also living the life … yep more (B).

Then there’s Ashley and Leanne Bidwell from Ozwit (www.ozwit.com), a couple I met while co-hosting some workshops at the Let’s Go Caravan and Camping Lifestyle Show in SA a couple of years ago. They sold up and within six months of making the decision to go, they hit the road with their two kids and another family. Years on the road, they now share their journey through the web and in print or at caravan shows around Australia. They specialise in camp oven cooking and have a range of cook books and camp ovens for sale … to fund their life journey … (B)!

And now we watch our close mate (and mate-ette) plan, close up shop, sell a business, down scale home base and plan their great adventure.
I reckon their doing it, just to push our dream along (B)!

I have no doubt we will be hearing a lot more from this couple as they get Australia On Track.

Once again, no apologies for the word, because I swear (in a caring sharing way), these people are the luckiest (B) in the world!

So to all the lucky and courageous Bastards every where, taking off and living the dream … good onya, hopefully we’re not far behind you!

If you’ve joined the ranks, let us know, send us your story, we’d love to share it.