I just did a search on line for caravan check lists, there are heaps around and truth be known a lot have the same information, I wonder who wrote the first one for all to copy?
So, I’m not going to re-invent the wheel, we are all different and have different set ups.
Here’s a start … some I found on-line.

Do a bit of research and make your own list, check and re-check.

Please listen to our Podcast, Chris and I discuss servicing, tyres and a lot more topics not listed below.

Vehicle and van checks …

Not a complete list, but here’s a few basic checks you’ll need to do.

Service your vehicle and van properly and on time, if you do a bit more than normal travelling off-road, then advance the service times.
Check tyres age and pressures regularly.
An under bonnet check of water/coolant, brake fluid, oil levels and condition of hoses.
Around the van, make sure everything is secured and tight, inside and out, check your battery is charged, your gas bottles and water tanks are filled (dependant on your destination).


A Chris Blakemore – Technical Tip …
Check your wheel nuts before you go. Not to tighten them more, but that you can undo them.
Sometimes after a service the wheel nuts may be done up too tight using air tools such that you can’t undo them.
Undo them at home first and then torque them back up to specification per your owner’s manual.
If you struggle due to physical limitations, use an electric driver or a bar to add leverage to your wheel wrench.


Just before take off, make sure your fridge is turned over to the correct travel setting, gas is off, lights are working, hand brake released, safety chains on, steps, chocks, levellers raised or packed away. If you run a weight distribution hitch, make sure that is fitted properly and of-course any 240v leads or water hoses are disconnected and packed away.

There is a lot more, but I reckon you’ll do a good one for yourself and your setup (please share if you want).

When we got our first van we created our own list and had it laminated and positioned near the door, as tedious as it sounds, we always checked and crossed checked every time until it became second nature, then of-course we changed vans … new list.
Both my wife and I do separate checks on everything, it’s not about trust, it’s about safety, making sure all is correct for your (and other drivers) on your journey. We also check lights every time, plugs wear and age (bit like us) so a simple check won’t hurt.

Happy and safe travels … it’s up to you.
Cheers, Andrew Kennedy