Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?
I normally don’t, but reckon this year (or is it next year), that I might have a go.
But what do I do, it has to be caravan and camping related and maybe something
I haven’t done before?
I’ve started a list, take a look and feel free to jump on our Facebook page add something new …

1: Go through your van or trailer, you might want that air fryer, but do you really need it.
Anything you haven’t used this year, chances are you won’t use it in 2017 … chuck it.

2: Get your van weighed … stop guessing or taking ‘that’ chance.

3: Take a caravan towing course.

4: Get your vehicle shockers and van tyres checked.
Worn shockers can add as much as 20% to your stopping distance.

5: Go camping more often and don’t go to the same camping spots … get out and explore this amazing country.

6: Convince some people that usually go 5 stars to go camping under 5 billion stars.

7: Mix up your normal travelling cuisine, try something different. If it tastes good share it.

8: Be adventurous, try something new, or maybe re-live something you did many years ago.

9: Try to go one day (maybe a week) without a computer, tablet or dare we say mobile phone.

10: Listen to a podcast on  ( had to throw one plug in ).


What every resolution you make, or don’t, make sure you make 2017 is a cracker, full of new adventures and lot’s of fun.
Happy New Year!