Chris & Tracey Blakemore, Andrew & Pat Kennedy, our families and friends of Australia On Track, wish everyone a merry Christmas and a safe, happy new year.

Here’s our message to you …


It’s nearly Christmas and we’re beginning to stir,
from caravanners to campers, our last holiday, a bit of a blur.
We dust off the covers, and clean out the van,
discover some problems and send to the man.
A full service in order to get on the road,
need to check our weight and lessen our load.
The destination a breeze, we’ll book straight away,
a bit too late it seems, our plans in array.
The park is booked out, no sites to be seen,
why didn’t we plan earlier, we should have been keen.
All this aside, we’ll be alright, we’ll figure it out, our holidays in sight.
We know what to do, we’ll get on the net,
no need to worry, no need to fret.
Some tips and tricks, bouquets and brickbats, plenty of comments, plenty of spats.
Yep, for everything caravan & camping, that’s where we’ll go,
the experts, the opinions, or pictures to show.
They’ll show us the way, or just what to pay.
To this shop and that, a bargain to get, good old Google, we’ll be set.
So listen up folks and let’s make a plan, to be friendly and nice, and watch the advise.
Our wants and our needs are all different, we don’t care,
it’s Christmas here in Australia, good cheer, that’s what we will share.
Be safe on the road, for you and for us, no need for road rage, no need to cuss.
For family and friends, over a barby and a beer,
we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.