Who goes caravanning with kids?

Gidday, Andrew Kennedy here …
I remember when we started camping our ‘kids’ were a bit older and our memories of them joining us are a bit vague. Sure we have some pics that help, but we didn’t write a lot down, we didn’t record our journeys. That’s a bit sad really as I know we would look fondly at the great times we had. As we have ventured into caravanning, we have a little note book that we alphabetically list all locations, the people we travelled with and the folks we met, the good bits (and bad), something we can refer to on future travels.
So … when we found out about ‘Caravanning With Kids’, we thought this was a great idea.

We’d like to introduce Adele, Wayne, Ashlee & Kate … here’s their story.
We’re also happy about them joining us, as we get Australia On Track!

When we started out we were completely clueless all things caravanning!

Pre-kids, we were hotel people, we loved luxury and the thought of staying at a caravan park would have never crossed our minds.  Post-kids we discovered a whole new world of adventure along with a whole new respect for the Australian holiday park and camping industry. We were converted. We hope you might be too! If you aren’t you don’t know what you are missing – and we’d love to share with you!

Our caravan is our little slice of escapism, we love to take regular short breaks and this is the perfect fit to our day-to-day life. There are no hotels to book, no gear to pack. We love the ability to escape at the drop of a hat. Whatever style of trip suits your family be it epic ocean-to-ocean or just a mini-break we look forward to getting to know you.

We journal all our adventures. We have journaled with our girls since they were born. Creating keepsakes for them that they can look back on and enjoy. We wrote them like story books… “today we went to the zoo and we saw a big lion”. When our eldest started to learn how to read, she would take down our family travel journals from the book case and learn by reading about all our family adventures. This would just melt our hearts and it is a tradition that we enjoy to this day.

When Ashlee wanted to start writing (or trying to write) her own journals we looked everywhere for a Travel Journal that would suit her needs. We started to use exercise books and, although these did the job, they often got damaged and ruined. We continued our search with no luck. So we decided to design our own. We knew exactly what we wanted:

  • A Travel Journal that could be used for ALL types of adventures from weekends away, long trips, international adventures, even sleep overs!
  • A Travel Journal that had dotted thirds, so the girls could practice their writing skills.
  • A4 in size, perfect for the bookcase
  • A spot to add photos, postcards, ticket stubs or draw pictures
  • A protective cover

Our Travel Journal was born and after a few years of fine tuning, we went to print with a local printer and launched our Australian made Travel Journals back in May 2015. We love that families right across Australia are enjoying documenting their travels and adventures and creating a keepsake that their family will cherish for years to come. Head over to www.caravanningwithkids.com.au for more information.

Happy & Safe travels everyone xx Adele, Wayne, Ashlee & Kate