We went to a caravan park in the Adelaide Hills last weekend, it was the first time that we have ever been asked for our van rego. Now I don’t know about you, but I have trouble remembering my vehicle’s registration (they wanted that as well). Luckily the girl at the desk had some binoculars to read it from where she was, and it wasn’t obscured by another van.

But it got me thinking about some easy ways of accessing some info when booking.

Now as a relative tech savvy guy, I could store it on my phone somewhere, in a message, as a note or create a file and throw it up into the cloud, but then I have to find it. So I’ve decided to go a bit lower tech, and make up a pdf or jpg that can be printed. Then I can have a business card size piece of paper in my wallet, my wife can have one, I can carry spares to hand over, or I can even stick to the back of the sun visor, for when a truckie calls out to pass and uses our rego as a call sign.

I’ve included an area for length as well, but remember caravans are generally measured and described using body length, an example is our Coromal 535, that is 5.3 metres long (1st 2 numbers). But, generally a caravan park or ferry needs your overall length, end to end including draw bar, spare tyre, toolbox etc.   In our case 7 metres or 22’9”.

I can add our vehicles make, length and weight if I want.

Feel free to download or use, there’s a few spares on the sheet.