1: Check my weight

Like my owners, I tend to put on weight over the holiday seasons, so losing a few kilos here and there would not only benefit me, but other road users. So I’m going to chuck out anything that hasn’t been used, or isn’t really needed. Surely they don’t need all those pots and pans, extra glasses, the full dinner set, 4 spare gas hoses, a complete workshop including 15 screw drivers or 20 blocks of heavy wood to get me straight again.

2: Have a good wash / clean up

Have you seen my owners? They go camping, sit in front of that smelly campfire, miss a wash (or three), wear the same clothes, and when we get home … they go straight to the shower for a rinse longer than 2 minutes. WELL WHAT ABOUT ME? Doesn’t take long, get the hose out, a bit of a wash and maybe a polish, get those bugs off, sweep out, floors cleaned and I’ll be all ready for our next trip.

3: Get a good service

Year in, year out, caravan in, caravan out, same old, same old. It happens all the time, particularly as us vans and trailers get older, we start to sag. Yes we need our regular check up, just like our owners do, and I’m not talking a lick of grease here or there. A full service is required … Internal gas leaks, water pipes and connections, batteries, bearings etc. Off to the van doctor for me!

4: Replace or repair

She’s be right I heard my owner say, it’ll hold tight with gaffer tape. Chairs, tables, glasses, the gazebo, knives and forks, the zip on the swag or pop up toilet tent, lost or broken. Well 2018 is my time to shine again, I’m going through the whole van and camping kit, repair broken bits and replace lost goodies.

We have pride in our appearance!

5: Make a few mods

I reckon a few modifications are in order, the recliners instead of the bench seats, a shelf here and there, a slightly wider pole holder, a kitchen splash back, a total glamping make over. What ever I decide on, I’ll be making sure my owners are safe if they attempt anything themselves, or get them to get a qualified trady to do it for them. The last thing I need is a screw going in, puncturing a pipe or cutting a cable!

6: Socialise … more or less.

It’s time to get out and about more, I’m sick of sitting under the cover in the carport.
2018 will be a year to travel, discover and explore. I love pulling up into a new site and chatting to the van next door, the stories they have to tell and the journeys they have been on … so jealous.
But …
I’ll also be pulling back on social media (oh not the good stuff like this), don’t sweat the small stuff they say, roll and scroll, less easily offended, I’ll look at what I need too, and investigate myself about other vans issues, oh and I won’t make some smart arse comment (because I’m the expert of-course), without fully reading a story or just glancing at the headline. We all have a right to an opinion, but if that means demeaning others or new folks on line … well I’m over it. Less self inflicted stress in my life that’s for sure and get back to the good old days …

Keeping Australia On Track … bring on 2018!