I reckon cooking over a campfire adds so much to a meal, the simple act of cooking together around the warmth of the fire, the conversation you have, the laughs, discussing the days activities, a drink or two, not forgetting the smokey flavour … it just tastes better!

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Campfire Curry

Step 1:
We used Bender (nickname from some caravanning mates), our home made  all purpose, fire thingy / cooker of sorts / warming device. Naturally, you can substitute any other campfire, brazier, cooker, even stove top.

Step 2:
Grab a 4.5 litre camp oven that happens to fit perfectly into Bender’s head.

Step 3:
Have a drink while coals are being created, ready for the cook up.

Step 4: 
Cut some chicken thighs (about 1kg) into chunks and one onion into ummm, not chunks.

Steps 5 to ?:
When coals are ready and you haven’t had too much to drink, place camp oven into Bender to heat up, add some oil, then the onion, cook till soft, add chicken to seal.
Let that cook for a bit (half a glass of something), add a can of diced tomato, then a packet of Passage To India Simmer Sauce, Rogan Josh, or similar.
Let that cook for a while (drink the other half glass), don’t boil, add some fresh or frozen veg mix of your choice and a handful of coriander (optional).
This needs to simmer on a low heat, slow cook is best, so raise the camp oven or shift as required.
Just before you are ready to eat, cook up some rice, in true camping style, we used a rice cooker, because we had electricity in this case.
If you are clever you might have made some naan bread, but we aren’t, so we just heated some pre-made naan in the Weber, probably could do that over the fire.

Step ?: 
Throw on some fresh coriander and some plain yogurt and get stuck in.
This served 4 people, plus we had some refrigerated leftovers a couple of day later. Yummmmm!

Last Step:
Stoke up the fire, drink the rest of the bottle and enjoy the night stars.