This is our first ‘Campfire Conversation’.
I sat down after a great BBQ, and started talking to our good mate John and his wife Liz.
A while ago and totally out of the blue, they had packed up their van and headed to Bullara Station near Exmouth, Western Australia.
They had secured a six-month contract as camp hosts, with a couple more months tacked on to investigating the area, and simply getting there and back.
On this night we had consumed a bit of wine (as you do around a campfire), you’ll hear the crackle of the fire, on a recording made on my iPhone.
I had to capture the moment and wanted to share a bit of it with you.

Pour a glass, press play, sit back and enjoy the next 13 minutes, perhaps like me, it’ll remind you of what an amazing country we have.

Damper John was mentioned in this Podcast, an amazing character that has mastered the art of preparing and cooking camp oven damper. John isn’t a permanent fixture at the camp, so we’ve managed to get his preparation instructions and recipe to share with you.

DOWNLOAD HERE Thanks John … enjoy!

Bullara Station can be found here …

John & Liz Francis can now be found here …