Much like a belly button, you are usually an inny or an outy.

Considering we started off in tents, as caravanners now, we consider ourselves outies, we like to cook out-side, sit out-side and entertain out-side (weather permitting).

I smile every time I see a caravan pull up, and for the duration of the stay the occupants settle back in the lap of luxury in-side. But as I always say, we are all different, we pick different vans and enjoy different life styles … good on us!

However, there is a great little place that deserves some equal time, this place can usually supply that outside feeling with the inside benefit … the Camp Kitchen!

Most well presented parks would (and should) provide this service.
A place to prepare, cook and consume meals, or simply gather for deep and meaningful conversation with fellow caravanners and campers.

Don’t have a microwave in your van? … check the Camp Kitchen, perhaps you need a bigger barby (with gas) or area to wash some pots and pans, check the Camp Kitchen, or if the cricket is on and you don’t have a TV (OMG), check the Camp Kitchen.
Toasters, electric jugs, barbeques, fridges can often be found in these often forgotten centres for hunters and gatherers, tenters and motorhomers (new words).
They might even have a fire pit close by (check fire restrictions) to sit around and enjoy a bevvy or two.
We have huddled under our awning on cold nights, or the wind has been so strong our hot dinner turned cold as soon as it comes off the barby.
So, why not take shelter in you guessed it … the Camp Kitchen.

Raise up Australia, it doesn’t matter if you swing in or out, vote yes for the Camp Kitchen, give them some equal time. But only if they are clean and tidy of-course!

We found this top kitchen at Peterborough Caravan Park, South Australia … nice work guys.
In fact, all the amenities here are top notch.
This by the way, is one of the friendliest towns in the country.
Peterborough Caravan Park –  08 86512545  –  36 Grove St, Peterborough SA