I often go for a walk around my neighbourhood, every now and then I see a Defender 130 parked a couple of blocks away and thought … if only I could talk to that vehicle, discover it’s history, who drives it?

Well, I finally got my chance, obviously not talking to the vehicle, but it’s owner … Damian.

We happened to meet one day and after a few weeks we organised a bit of a campfire chat (albeit in his dining area).

Damien, although based in Adelaide, frequents the Victorian High Country, just himself and the Defender. He showed me some maps and pictures (below), and started to tell me about why he does this, the Defender, the area, the hunting he does and also shared a few tips. I dragged out my portable audio recorder started recording. Please take time and have a listen to this insight into the man, the vehicle and one of the most beautiful parts of Australia.