It’s time to weigh in on another subject!

A lot is discussed about caravans being overweight, but what about tow vehicles, particularly 4WD’s?

You add this and that, a heavy roof rack and throw stuff on top of that, your metal cable on your winch … is there another option? What about that heavy fridge slide that can be conveniently lowered to gain access, but how much does it weigh?
Your stretchers, chairs, tools … it all adds up.
In this Campfire Conversation, Kerry has made a bit of a detour to Adelaide on his way home to Alice Springs from WA, with him is wife Linda and daughter Priscilla.
They wanted Chris’s advise on what to do, because frankly Kerry has a weight problem and he wants it fixed.

In the first part of this podcast, I get the ladies opinion, I talk to Linda and 18 year old Pricilla about camping, favourite spots and Australia.
Then Chris and Kerry join me as we get to the nitty gritty of the Patrol’s issues, then throw in a quick 5 question pop quiz about Australia … and love his answers.

Sit back, press play and enjoy … I did! of Kerry and Linda’s son Levi, you can see the Patrol taking a dip here as they take on The Old Telegraph Track in 2015.
Check out the bolt on exhaust system and the way Levi guides Kerry through the creek crossing.

You can see more action on Levi’s You Tube channel