Australia On Track – Our Conversations

Regular podcasts, or as we like to call them ‘Our Conversations’ have been referred to as two blokes sitting around a campfire, chewing the fat. Our ‘fat’ will include industry professionals, seasoned travellers and experts from all fields, near and far.

Join us around that campfire, as we get Australia On Track!

Series 2 – Ep. 2 – Batteries & Chargers

Yep still at Clayton Bay in SA. In this podcast we discuss our rigs, including my battery, charger and panel set up, plus the good things about caravanning and camping in Oz. Read more to see some pictures as we have our conversation.

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Series 2 – Tyre Change Segment

Tyres have shelf a shelf life, mine had lived a great life, but now was time to say goodbye. Join my conversation with Brendon Smith from Goodyear Autocare, Mt Barker to learn more. Read more for some pictures to view while you listen.

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Series 1 – Ep. 6 – Talking Tyres

We often forget tyres, they’ll last forever won’t they? … well, we have some news for you. Join Chris Blakemore, Andrew Kennedy for our conversation with Brendan Smith from Goodyear Autocare in Mt Barker as we some very useful information.

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Series 1 – Ep. 2 – The Defence Shed Segment

Australia On Track supports the efforts of current and past servicing men and women from our defence forces, The Defence Shed is one of our favourite groups as they provide a service, a gathering spot and help to these amazing people, particularly those that have found things a bit tough, please listen to our segment to find out more.
31 Nile Street, Port Adelaide, SA Ph: 0400649305 or 0419808183
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