Woop Woop, is an Australian term used to describe a place far away from where you live.

It’s often used when people describe a location in the bush, “way out Woop Woop”.

It’s even used in the title of a movie ‘Welcome to Woop Woop’, and it was recently featured in a television commercial, somewhere up near Ship Creek Rd (nicely done with the map).

A search on Facebook reveals a few Woop Woops, from a band to a music festival (could be a good destination for 2019), from clothing to wine … and more.

In America, the term Woop Woop is similar to the term Boondock … “they live in the Boondock”.
Oh, in the USA, Boondocking is the practice of pulling off the highway to stay at free locations, so perhaps here in Australia, we could take up the term Woopwooping when free camping, maybe we can get a Woopwooping movement going.

But, are you ready for this? … it’s actually the name of a town … well it was.
In WA, the remains of an old saw mill town is located near Wilga, SE of Perth. Although, I’ve read it was pronounced Whup Whup.
A bit of research reveals that a mill was set up here by The Adelaide Timber Company in 1925.
A town, not sure, but the area had half a dozen (that’s old school 6) huts, a couple of houses, a boarding house, an office and the mill, now it’s just some old timber posts.
Although, just between you and me, I reckon we’d probably check the area out when passing through Wilga next time.

I stopped my research there, because quite frankly, the ability to form mental images of things that are not physically present (a town), sort of appeals to me.

So, where the heck do I think Woop Woop is?

I reckon it can be anywhere in this woop’n big country.
I reckon it’s the dream of thousands, or dare I invent a word, woopillions of Australians.

It’s probably on the way to places like Boulia, Nullagine, White Cliffs, William Creek or Mataranka.
Maybe it’s beyond the back of Bourke and it’s south of Borroloola.
It’s a thousand kilometres or more from your home town, or perhaps just ten.
It’s a mythical place, in your (ok my) head.
If you happen to find this amazing place (yeah tell me I’m dreaming), put up a sign, send us a pic, or maybe just leave it untouched for the next intrepid and slightly woopy adventurer.

Where the heck is Woop Woop?

It’s just down the road … get going.