Our Pre Trip Checks podcast highlighted the importance of getting your van serviced regularly.

So, it just so happened we needed ours serviced and I called on Craig Morgan to come out and take a look. Craig has recently set up his mobile service in Adelaide. Fantastic for us, we didn’t have to hook up and take the van out, he came to us, although I did have to clean my garage up a bit, but guess it needed it.
I took the opportunity to have a conversation … this is the part when you press the play button below!

We have only had this particular van for five months, other than a quick trip to Victoria and a weekend at Clayton Bay here in SA, it’s been sitting in our garage. As I explain in the short podcast, we hadn’t had a chance to get it serviced and it had travelled a bit before our purchase.

A few adjustments, wheel bearings re-greased, a good look over and a pretty good report, we were happy. But it does raise the questions of what happens in a service, how often should we get it done and what is one of the most common faults detected?

Craig chats about all of that and more in our podcast.

By the way he can be contacted on Facebook – All About Caravans or on his mobile … 0455 546 161

Foot note: Electric brakes are equipped with high quality electromagnets that are designed to provide the proper input force and friction characteristics. Magnets should be inspected and replaced if worn unevenly or abnormally.