We don’t want to start a heated refrigerator discussion, let’s stay cool!

As with most things caravanning and camping, every fridge set up is different, even though they do the same thing. However, what is the difference between compressor and 3-way fridges?

Naturally there are so many reasons for your preference …
Do you have adequate solar?
3 Way was in your van at time of purchase … why change?
Is gas more reliable?
What’s the cheapest to run?
Well … our preference is a compressor fridge, and in our podcast you’ll find out why.


By the way, here’s 10 cool refrigerator tips …

1: Pre-cool the fridge at least 24 hours before departure.

2: Load with already cooled or frozen goods.

3: Don’t rely or think that running a fridge on your vehicles 12volt setting, will cool everything down by the time you reach your destination.

4:Check your battery and electrical systems. Tired batteries and poor connections contribute to more fridge issues than the fridge alone.

5: Use a cover to help insulate your camping fridge, it’ll help keep heat out and use less power

6: Don’t keep opening and closing fridges.

7: Get all gas fittings checked at service … they do come loose.

8: Run your fridge colder when driving along to get the temp down further, then adjust back up again when stopped to reduce demand on the batteries.

9: When on site … the cooler your setting, the more power/gas is used, so try running about 4 – 5 degrees celsius, see how that goes and adjust accordingly.

10: Shade the outside vents on you van with either a full length (keep the whole van cool) or a smaller shade over the fridge.

Oh and totally off subject, but one thing that has always baffled me is that we spell refrigerator with out a ‘d’, yet fridge, our shortened version has one … go figure. Sorry, had to get that out there.

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Cheers, Chris & Andrew