Guilty, I admit it!

I’ve been known to plan a trip and just drive from A to B, passing through some delightful towns and nearby attractions without stopping. We still run our own business and are not on the road full time like some lucky people we know.

So … generally our trips away are made up of short weekend getaways or one longer stay in one destination and a night or two stopovers somewhere in transit.

What if we had more time? I think we’d do a bit more investigating, surely that would be more economical for both fuel and accommodation right?

Last year spent some time in Swan Hill, Victoria. We have some friends there and think it’s a great part of the world. It also has some nearby attractions that could often be overlooked… enter Lake Boga.

Lake Boga is only 16km south of Swan Hill, there is a circular lake covering just over 800 hectares. It has it’s own yacht club, swimming areas, yachts, skiing and the caravan park and camping areas extends to some (permits apply) areas around the lake.

Normally I would have driven past, but this time we noticed the signs and made that turn in, if we didn’t we wouldn’t have found an amazing feature of this tiny township.


Right here in Lake Boga is a huge hanger/museum, housing a massive Catalina aircraft and memorabilia dating back to World War Two.

The Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum.

Yes, this tiny township was once Australia’s principal flying boat base, servicing and repairing aircraft from Australian, Dutch and US Air Forces. The museum is extremely well organized, with audio/video presentations and easily understood written and visual descriptions peppered around the building and communication bunker below.

Congratulations go to the Lions Club and anyone associated with this museum.

Do yourself as favour and if time permits, perhaps on your way through this wonderful part of the world, drop into Lake Boga, or any town similar … you might be surprised.

Written by Andrew Kennedy, Similar content that Andrew wrote can be found on Snowys and RView Blogs.