Just how many people have bought a cheap old caravan to renovate?
They’ve done a few minor modifications and away they go. There are some that plan a major renovation or perhaps a major rebuild from the ground up. Glamping and vintage vans are a big thing at the moment and I have seen some absolute crackers, a lot have kept the old world charm and style and others add their own ‘modern’ feel to their old vans.

Here’s an couple of examples of vans with a modern slant.

1# My old mate purchased an 18’ Viscount (around 1977 build). He told me what he had in mind … I would not have believed it possible.

I should point out that Patrick had previously rebuilt an old bus into a beautiful home away from home.

With this van he added…

  • A queen size bed (with pillow top mattress).
  • Put in a shower and toilet with extraction fan and hand basin.
  • Found a good three way fridge and reverse cycle air-conditioner.
  • Fully insulated the van using polystyrene and wool batts.
  • Painted the roof with 3 coats of heat resistant / reflective paint.
  • Added three tv connections and a wind up arial.
  • A three burner gas stove, a range hood and a combo sink.
  • Battery, charger, fuse box, rewire and power points throughout.
  • Oh and circuit breakers
  • Electric brakes, new tyres and wheel trims, plus a spare.
  • Two new gas bottles and regulator, gas hot water service.
  • CD/Radio, plus lots of other ‘stuff’.
  • To add room, the table folds down and out come a couple of fold up chairs that could be used inside and out.

2# Reno by Cinnamon Jones

Travelling Oz for a couple of years with three children, Cinnamon Jones transformed her van before heading off.
The children’s beds and wardrobes are behind the curtain and the map / panel folds down to a double bed.
Well designed with plenty of room for everyone and a big kid’s play area when they can’t head outside.

Top job Cinnamon!

So … If you are planning a reno or rebuild, please make sure that everything you add doesn’t take your van over it’s legal limit.
If any electrical, gas or plumbing work is required, get it done or signed off by a licenced professional.
Research and make contact to people with similar projects, you might get a few ideas and perhaps some short cuts and savings.
After you’ve finished a rebuild, it’s probably a good idea to take it to a good van service centre for a safety check.

Make sure you send us some pics … Good luck!