Short answer is heck yeah (or similar)

I’ve had the privilege of hosting some workshops at previous Let’s Go Caravan & Camping Shows in Adelaide.
In 2017, Chris and I are doing more workshops with industry experts to help get vanners (or potential vanners) on track.
I will always remember one couple that came to just about every seminar, on every day. I got to know them and naturally had to ask … why? I loved their answer and attitude, they had never owned a caravan and were about to make a big, perhaps life changing decision.

What van, what extras, how big, what do we want but what do we realistically need, any hints or tips etc? They wanted to learn as much as possible. On the final day they came back to tell me the selection had been made, the deal done and they felt confident in their ability to hit the road. A great feeling!

We recorded a short podcast at the Super Sale last year, why not hit the play button and have a listen  … while you keep reading!

Sure you can be confused at the variety of what’s around and all the ‘specials’, but where else are you going to get a chance to learn, compare and perhaps get a bargain in one fell swoop.

I admit to being a bit of a tyre kicker (sorry sales guys), my wife and I are happy with our rig, but we still like to see what is out there, keep up with the latest styles, technology, brake systems and all those terrific gadgets.

Here’s some tips, before you go…

  1. Write a list. (or… download, adapt and print our list above)
  2. Set your budget and stick to it, consider all extras.
  3. What is your tow vehicle and it’s towing capacity, this will limit what you can buy?
  4. How will you be using your van and how often, are you going off-road on-road quick overnight stops or longer stays?
  5. Consider where you will store your pride and joy and write down any height or length restrictions.
  6. How many people will the van have to accomodate (now and in the future)?
  7. Do you need a toilet and shower?
  8. On road costs, insurance and registration.
  9. What sort of ‘accessories’ do you want (or need)?
    e.g. solar panel, extra gas bottle, water tanks. Always get your van built with all the accessories you need, they will be recorded within your tare weight.
  10. Extra bits and pieces. Generator, annexe, power cable, bbq, outside table and chairs, plates, cups, cutlery, bedding etc.
  11. Try keeping a score of each van you look at. Compare your scores to the price of each option.
    A higher price van might actually have a lower score for what you really want, it may not be as good as it seems just because it costs more.
  12. Don’t make a spur of the moment decision, get as much info as you can get, sit down at the show or at home, have a cuppa or maybe something stronger, discuss and decide.
    Making a call or head back the next day if you are able, in the scheme of things, a small price to pay for such a big outlay.

Oh… and don’t forget to open, save and print, fill in and take our list with you! (above)