In the 4WD and Touring scene, the same questions seem to circulate often, be it around social media or  a flickering campfire. What’s best; Diesel vs Petrol, Manual vs Auto, Winch vs Lockers, Charred-black vs Soft-melt marshmallows over the campfire. All very important life-transforming questions. On this occasion we decided to stick with the less arduous subject of Winch vs Lockers.

Andrew has a real dilemma with big plans afoot and asks the question “When hitting the road for that big lap or two what would work best for most occasions, the traction gain of Lockers turning the wheels or the Winch to drag them out when all is lost? 

It’s an often posed question because there may be a number of reasons beside budget limitations why you might only want one or the other. 

Of course it would be nice if we could just be like the little girl in the Mexican Nachos TV advert and with a shrug of the shoulders say “Who not have both?” But sometimes it’s just not possible.

In this podcast, we chat about what it all means, the basic mechanicals behind why and how Lockers work in the differentials, and drag the Winch out a little too. And all without getting too bogged down in technicalities.

Have a listen and of course let us know if you have any questions, we’d love to help you work out a good option too.

Cheers, Chris